Wednesday, February 16, 2005

more meaningless ponderances (sp?)....

feeling a little bit more hopeful about work and like it might actually mean something to someone one day...but really, who's kidding who? i'm sick of seeing these secretaries that bring work home for the fear of being pissed on by higher ups. when did it start becoming such a sin to admit that you do actually need a lunch break, that no you cannot be responsible for organizing the calendars of four people, that no you should not have to take unpaid work home with you.
that's the kind of stuff that makes the proletariat blood boil.

but yah. things are going better in general. i still hate the fact that i basically need to sell myself everyday to prove that i'm worth it. and the fact that i've been filling my evenings doing (unpaid) work until midnight. so sad am i. in one final swoop i have plunged to the depths of pathos and on my way home purchased some sephora cinnamon bun bubble bath. just seeing those words now is making me hungry. i plan to soak away my woes and aching muscles in a bath of cinnamon sugar. god help me.

of course i forgot to hit the laura secord to pick up the valentine remnants. i could really go for a chocolate covered cherry right about now....

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Even librarians get the blues

I'm totally swamped with work and have a chore list the size of my arm (a sizeable list, take my word for it) and yet, I have the blues.

bf is leaving today for business in the southwest. and it's not that i've ever really been one for valentines day, but that's mostly because i've never actually *had* anyone around to participate in that farce with me. so i'll most likely just go to the sdm and buy some caramel-filled hershey's kisses, wash it down with some little penguin cab and watch the bachelorette whilst hurling expletives at the tv. it'll be a good night for the cat as well.
the other option is to just get on with it, run a few miles, eat some sushi, read a little and hit the sack like any other normal night. better to go with the non-sad girl option i think. cab and caramel are usually a poor option altogether.

ran into the ex-bf last night while doing some smug late-night dinner searching with new bf. it was amazing. mostly because he was unable to hide his seething look of pure jealousy. i shouldn't be so petty as to revel in his misery. yet i do. but then again, real pettiness would involve posting his full name, address, phone number and pointing out the number of social inadequacies and complete lack of intimacy that he is capable of. so see, really not so petty after all.

i read my 2005 horoscope the other night and it actually said that this year would be a good time to get "accidentally pregnant". what the hell? since when did marie claire take it upon themselves to promote breeding? i thought that was left to jane. i decided not to read that part to the bf. i know how such suggestions make the skin crawl and the spidey-sense perk up to full on paranoia.

alright, it's 2:00 and i still haven't had breakfast. time to perk up the blood sugar.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Swimming or drowning? i can't tell...

today was hell. library hell.
i shouldn't even say that, because it wasn't like i actually got to spend 10 minutes in the library today without having to run out to another goddamn meeting.
started off with a ridiculous meeting that had nothing to do with me and i kinda felt like screaming most of the time that i was sitting there. if there was ever a day that i felt more like taking up was today.
nonetheless, once i realized that i was tapping my foot waiting for the woman with breast cancer to shut the hell up i figured out that i needed to take a breath and step up. so despite the fact that it's 10:00pm and i'm still least i've had a glass of red to chill me out.
they should teach wine appreciation in library school.

j. expects me to start working on a project that i kinda learned about at 9am this morning. just spent the last two hours installing the software and on the phone with techies. i wonder if he could hear the bachelorette in the background?

but at least i had an old ensure bar in my desk drawer today, so i got to have something for lunch.

thank god for small wonders.
i love my job.
i do.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

First time for everything...

well, i've just returned from a conference and was energized enough by blog-talk to try it out on my own. not quite sure what i'll be using it for exactly, so many options.
  • a venue for library-related venting and discussion?
  • somewhere to talk about how fascinating my life is?
  • a place to post pictures of my cat and discuss the various fascinating elements of his existence in my life?

i think that i'd almost prefer to pretend that no one will ever be viewing these postings (shouldn't be hard) and that i can use it as an anonymous, yet intrinsically egotistical way to post my views on the world and my place within it.