Sunday, February 13, 2005

Even librarians get the blues

I'm totally swamped with work and have a chore list the size of my arm (a sizeable list, take my word for it) and yet, I have the blues.

bf is leaving today for business in the southwest. and it's not that i've ever really been one for valentines day, but that's mostly because i've never actually *had* anyone around to participate in that farce with me. so i'll most likely just go to the sdm and buy some caramel-filled hershey's kisses, wash it down with some little penguin cab and watch the bachelorette whilst hurling expletives at the tv. it'll be a good night for the cat as well.
the other option is to just get on with it, run a few miles, eat some sushi, read a little and hit the sack like any other normal night. better to go with the non-sad girl option i think. cab and caramel are usually a poor option altogether.

ran into the ex-bf last night while doing some smug late-night dinner searching with new bf. it was amazing. mostly because he was unable to hide his seething look of pure jealousy. i shouldn't be so petty as to revel in his misery. yet i do. but then again, real pettiness would involve posting his full name, address, phone number and pointing out the number of social inadequacies and complete lack of intimacy that he is capable of. so see, really not so petty after all.

i read my 2005 horoscope the other night and it actually said that this year would be a good time to get "accidentally pregnant". what the hell? since when did marie claire take it upon themselves to promote breeding? i thought that was left to jane. i decided not to read that part to the bf. i know how such suggestions make the skin crawl and the spidey-sense perk up to full on paranoia.

alright, it's 2:00 and i still haven't had breakfast. time to perk up the blood sugar.

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