Wednesday, February 16, 2005

more meaningless ponderances (sp?)....

feeling a little bit more hopeful about work and like it might actually mean something to someone one day...but really, who's kidding who? i'm sick of seeing these secretaries that bring work home for the fear of being pissed on by higher ups. when did it start becoming such a sin to admit that you do actually need a lunch break, that no you cannot be responsible for organizing the calendars of four people, that no you should not have to take unpaid work home with you.
that's the kind of stuff that makes the proletariat blood boil.

but yah. things are going better in general. i still hate the fact that i basically need to sell myself everyday to prove that i'm worth it. and the fact that i've been filling my evenings doing (unpaid) work until midnight. so sad am i. in one final swoop i have plunged to the depths of pathos and on my way home purchased some sephora cinnamon bun bubble bath. just seeing those words now is making me hungry. i plan to soak away my woes and aching muscles in a bath of cinnamon sugar. god help me.

of course i forgot to hit the laura secord to pick up the valentine remnants. i could really go for a chocolate covered cherry right about now....

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