Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Swimming or drowning? i can't tell...

today was hell. library hell.
i shouldn't even say that, because it wasn't like i actually got to spend 10 minutes in the library today without having to run out to another goddamn meeting.
started off with a ridiculous meeting that had nothing to do with me and i kinda felt like screaming most of the time that i was sitting there. if there was ever a day that i felt more like taking up smoking...it was today.
nonetheless, once i realized that i was tapping my foot waiting for the woman with breast cancer to shut the hell up i figured out that i needed to take a breath and step up. so despite the fact that it's 10:00pm and i'm still working...at least i've had a glass of red to chill me out.
they should teach wine appreciation in library school.

j. expects me to start working on a project that i kinda learned about at 9am this morning. just spent the last two hours installing the software and on the phone with techies. i wonder if he could hear the bachelorette in the background?

but at least i had an old ensure bar in my desk drawer today, so i got to have something for lunch.

thank god for small wonders.
i love my job.
i do.

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