Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Librarian's Dilemma...Reality TV

So I find myself all alone on a Friday evening...quite unusual really. Usually I'm out with the bf or the bf & co. somewhere out in the city, eating dinner too late and generally drinking too much gin.
But not this evening. After falling asleep while getting my eyelashes tinted (shut up, i am a girl remember) I went back to my Y&E abode and attempted to clean up/pack some junk. But it didn't really happen...I ended up eating the remnants of my fridge and getting sucked into a What Not To Wear marathon. The American version unfortunately, not my fave British version. So no flashing english lady boobs in the 360 room...just midgets wearing Dallas cowboy jersey's and snakeskin boots (seriously).
Really though...this show is MADE for chicks staying home on Friday nights. I LOVE IT. You get the embarrassment factor of following some hideous unknowing git through her week, then you get to identify with her (hey, i thought i was the only one to have fat there) and then you get to see her looking like a total sexpot. Or at the very least, not like a midget playing football....although midgets playing football would also be a really good time.

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