Thursday, July 07, 2005

Overheard in the gutter

a few utterances and events made my head swivel this fine evening down in the yonge/dundas vicinity. here's a smattering:

1. "so's i told him, well okay but if i gotta have a body cavity search then i want HER to do it"

2. a fat homeless woman (how this occurs is the subject for a future blog) was standing behind her man on the escalator down to the local lcbo, all the while turning her torso to and fro and smacking him with her rather immense bosoms. now, i'm not against a little homeless love (especially since I'm reading this amazing book), or a little escalator nookie....but c'mon. that was fucking sick.

i decided today to abandon my hotmail account. i am forsaking the msn behemoth and along with it my previous messenger account. no longer will i be haunted by the ghosts of past dating disasters or forgotten colleagues. sayonara msn.

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