Thursday, July 21, 2005

Overheard in the office of a total raging bitch...

The following conversation could be heard outside the office of the librarian today.

Librarian: Hi there, I need to speak to someone about the move that I scheduled for my phone services next week.

Rogers: Yes, Ms. Librarian I have your file in front of me how can I help?

L: Well, this being my fourth call since initially setting up this move, I was hoping that you could clarify something for me. Can you please tell me why I have two emails and a voice message confirming my scheduled move date of July 29th and today I received a voice mail indicating that my connection date has now been moved to August 22?

R: Could I put you on hold Ms.Librarian for one moment while I look into that?

L: Absolutely

[Librarian taps foot in time to the better part of a Go-Go's song]

R: Yes Ms.L it seems that your move has indeed been moved to August 22 and that's most likely due to the Bell technicians strike.

L: Excuse me?
L: Are you FUCKING kidding me!!?? [clearly a rhetorical question, not perceptable to Roger]

R: I'm sorry Ms.L but we need to have a technician come out to do something to the line outside of your condo...

L: Then why is it that the email in front of me clearly states that a technician does not need to come out?

R: [clearly at this point Roger is out of his territory because he becomes slightly incoherent and aside from the ringing in my ears all that i can hear are the words wires, technician, wires, do something, wires.....

L: Ok, ok [blood pressure rising] clearly this is beyond you and I understand that this isn't your fault. But I need to yell at someone right now so unfortunately that person is you. Can I just put in a formal complaint and say that this FUCKING SUCKS. That you guys have me by my balls right now and I have no option but for some guy to get off his ass and come do something to a wire [dripping with sarcastic and mocking tones] so that I can have a phone A MONTH after I move into my new place? I mean seriously, how is this possible? How can this be?

At this point librarian gets a little out of hand and starts ranting about having no control and how she though that by being so prepared ahead of time that she was saving herself this kind of bullshit, but that clearly she was wrong and has no control in the situation.
L. shakes her head as if full of cobwebs and comes back to reality...

L: Ok. Well that's that. Thanks so much for listening, I am now going to hang up the phone and continue screaming in the privacy of my own office.

R: Thank you Ms.L and I......
[As Ms.L was rapidly slamming her phone back in it's cradle she could barely make out R saying have a nice day and thank you for calling Rogers.]

L slams phone down and releases growl from deep within her corporate hating soul.

Look out I come.

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  1. Ahhh Ms. L. While I was not previously aware that you had balls (or what we in the bizz like to call "soldiers"), you apparently have enough to invade a call centre. You crack me the hell up!!