Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The scent of a bleeding woman...

i've become convinced that beyond any type of hormonal, caveman explanation that there exists an actual scent that a woman gives off when she is in a committed, satisfying, mature, everything-she-could-ever-ask relationship. In the past week I have twice witnessed a group of women about town, half of them in relationships and the other half wanting to be. And without fail those without end up being ignored and mistreated as compared to the taken women, who are hunted and sought out like bleeding fish in a shark tank.
Why is this? Because a man wants what he can't have? Because it's natural predator instinct to impregnate gang-style? Sick.
And who is the woman that decides to leave the comfort and safety of her relationship to take up with the risk taking shark? Does she assume that she will find more happiness in the fins of another? Does she hope that she can maintain two sharks along with her sanity? Is she flattered by the attention seeking behavior of this new shark and see in him something that might be lacking or lagging in her own neck of the waters?
Who can say.
But I think I can definitively say that whoever came up with the old adage "there are plenty of fish in the sea" wasn't taking into account the fickel shark.

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  1. Arbuckle -

    allow me to wade into these shark infested waters in order to offer my own point on this matter.
    i too have encountered this phenomenon, making me believe that what you describe happens in a somewhat similar manner to men. It always seemed to me that whenever I had a girlfriend, more girls would be approaching me, calling me, whatever. Why? Very perplexing, because when I didn't have a girlfriend I couldn't get a date if i asked myself out.
    I've thought about it quite often and there are many possible reasons, showing confidence, not acting desperate, etc... I suppose being a challenge to someone is also a turn on, but who knows.
    Interesting post though Michelle!