Friday, July 15, 2005

Shaking hands with Satan

I experienced a fairly typical plight in the experience of the Canadian librarian yesterday...the very odd relationship of the library vs. Chapters/Indigo (or as my bf calls it "Chaptigo"). A very generous offer/idea came across my desk involving a potential deal with the master of all evils herself aka. Heather. Or as I'm sure she'd like to be called The Heather, a la The Donald.
Now, the deal is a gracious one and potentially advantageous to both parties...yet I find myself dragging my lil' librarian heels.

And even as I prepare to line up at midnight for my copy of the new Harry Potter book (shut up) I still lament the stonghold that currently exists among the booksellers of Canada. Now Toronto is in a *slightly* better situation as we do have some choice among our booksellers depending on specialty, used books, vintage etc. But the rest of the country seems to be in a much more limited situation. For most people the concept of "one-stop shopping" has become the most convenient way to shop, and I myself have been known to frequent the Big Box stores, but I'm always brought back to the idea that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

As much as I'd like to hope that Ms.H wouldn't pull another "Mein Kampf" situation, who can know for sure? The woman has the ability to completely obliterate titles that she doesn't agree with, so who's to say that once she inevitably deals with cancer that she won't take a shining to some bizarro mexican electric prod therapy and impose her new favorite on the front shelf of her "Health Expert" shelf?

I'll tell you one thing, sometimes I think the woman could use a little prod therapy...knowwhatimsayin'? wink wing nudge nudge

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