Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Why I'm driving the bus to hell...

Today while standing in line for my BLT wrap, a woman with one leg (most likely amputated due to the cancer she was being treated for) elbowed in front of me at the cash.The following thoughts were thunk by my evil brain:

  • Oh, this poor hopalong sue doesn't understand what a line is, or more importantly that she belongs at the end of it.
  • Jesus Christ, don't tell me that she thinks she can bud just because she's an amputee.
  • Holy fucking shit, she's actually looking around and NOT apologizing for her appalling behaviour.
  • Choke on your salmon sandwich and die, bitch.

Yes, apparently I am the most evil form of librarian. So jaded by the constant barrage of cancer information, patient sob stories and images of pussing melanoma that I no longer care for the one-leggeds of the world.

Whatever, deal with it. And leave me to eat my BLT in peace.

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