Monday, August 29, 2005

I just love goggle searching

Over the past week I've been involved in the mortifying experience of interviewing candidates for a position that was far beneath *most* of their potential. Aside from the few Master's level candidates that were forced to answer some HR gems such as "Define customer service" and "Why did you apply for this position?" (that's why they make the big bucks), there was one woman who appeared to have enough practical experience to knock the rest out of the game.
However, all this experience was for naught when she entered the room looking eerily similar to Liz McDonald from Corrie. Aside from the 50-year old cleavage, the heavy perfume and the undone men's dress shirt, the clincher came when asked the following question:
Question: "Can you tell me how you go about finding quality information on the internet?"
Answer: "Well I just love Goggle. What did we ever do before Goggle."
There are no spelling errors here folks, she did indeed say...GOGGLE.

God i love shit like that.


  1. So many places to go with that ... It boggles my mind.

    And Liz is the epitome of all who are cougars, as well as the wet dream for all pool cleaning boys. I mean, did you see the underwear she owns? Hot!

    Yes, corinne is slowly changing my viewing habits.

  2. it boggles the mind? or it *goggles* the mind...good god, i have to stop.

    yes, girlfriends are good at getting their boyfriends addicted to corrie. mine's trying to download it while he's stuck in the US this week :(