Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Veg Challenge: Day Five!!??

holy shit, how can it already be day five!?
okay, today i started to crack. things were going well at breakfast (other than the whole fat content issue) but the catering was *amazing* today. therefore making it all the more difficult.
breakfast: soy latte; chocolate croissant; fruit bowl
lunch: portobello mushroom wrap; green salad; diet coke
dinner: ok. i have a story about dinner first. because i need to identify how insanely difficult it was for me to stay veg this evening. after our conference day today the lead team all went out for dinner (clearly on the expense account) to this very amazing moroccan restaurant. so we look over this deliciously short menu and i realize that there are only two vege entrees...and a TON of delicious looking lamb, beef and fish dishes. my mouth was quite literally watering.
i can't even really report on what it was that i finally ate, mostly because i didn't understand the language of the menu, and also because there were so many different ingrediants and spices in the dish that it was impossible to ascertain what was what.
but basically i had:
avocado, tomato and greens salad
some kind of rice, vegetable and fruit stew-like dish
creme caramel
2 glasses of shiraz.
totally delish though, meat or non.

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