Monday, September 26, 2005

Veg Challenge: Day Two

second day, not so bad. although really, it was the weekend and the weekend for me is all about eating it was more a matter of looking away from the carnie side of the menu. breakfast was a rush because todie and i were off to the Word on the Street festival to accost Shaunessy Bishop-Stall, which we did in fine form...we're pretty much dating him now.
but off topic...
lunch was back to the hot & sour soup, delicious, nutricious and 1.5 minutes of nuking away. no big whoop. dinner i was undecided if i would splurge on some indian takeaway or try to cook something up on my own. after running 5.6 km and realizing i was in no state to visit the local grocer, i decided to raid the fridge of veggie remnants and create a random pasta dish. garlic, tomatoes, red peppers, broccoli and rotini later...i was in business. and quite a delicious business at that. and i have to admit that it was all quite painless.
so far so good, and only five days to go. the tricky part will be negotiating the three business breakfasts & lunches i have lined up for the next three is usually quite skint with the vegetarian menu and i'm going to tire of egg salad pretty quickly i'll tell ya.

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