Saturday, October 01, 2005

Veg Challenge: the last supper...veggie style

well, today was the last day. and i have to say that it was a breeze. mostly because i was working from home and not tempted by outside world pleasures. it's been a pretty smooth week, albeit with a few temptations along the way. i have to say that it wasn't that much of a deviation from the normal state of my world, except for the fact that i was refused from even considering any meat products...and we always know what happens when you're *refused* want it even more. so whereas i may have chosen the chickpea curry anyway, the fact that grilled beef tenderloin was staring me in the face, taunting me, my decision was fraut with tension. and while i'm sure the vegetarian challenge people would like the ending of my story to state that i'm a changed woman, that i'll never lick another hotdog in my life...i just can't say it's so. while i admit that subconsciously i feel superior by eating healthier, i can't say that i've had more of a spring to my step, that my body is lighter and leaner after seven days detoxing from meat juice. no, no i can't say that. will i keep it up? well, it did make it easier for bf to kiss me :)
breakfast: latte, yogurt, banana
lunch: veggie panzerotto, diet dr.pepper
dinner: buffet meal at le commensal (downtown veggie motherload)...absolutely delicious

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