Sunday, September 25, 2005

Vegetarian Challenge: Day One

so today, against the wishes of my own body, my inate human nature, my carnivorous soul....i have attempted to start the vegetarian challenge. for the next seven days i will bend my will to stay away from all meat products. this includes chicken, pork, seafood, gelatin and all "meat influenced" foods. this however does NOT limit me from eggs, cheese or dairy...i mean really, a girls gotta have something. thus my blog will serve as a menu keeper for the remainder of my challenge. please pray for my soul.
day one menu:
breakfast: 4 mini cheese danishes (no one said vegetarians were low-fat); milk latte and cranberry juice
lunch: hot & sour soup; pretzels & hummus
dinner: the special at Vegetarian Haven, consisted of tofu balls with a ginger & mushroom sauce and shanghai noodles. totally delish. glass of red wine.
so far so good, other than the fact that my body is brimming with gas and i'm afraid that my bf will touch me for fear of ripping off a loud, disgusting fart... yah, other than that i'm doing great :)

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