Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A few fun things that happened at the airport...

on my recent trip to North Carolina for a canc conference (good times) i had to travel from toronto to chicago to greensboro then to washington and back to t-dot. out of the four airports, two i had never been to and that always makes for an exciting time. what do i mean by exciting? hmmm
1. the customs man who believed that my hot rollers contained some type of explosive device and insisted that i demonstrate how they worked before allowing me through to wander the duty free.
2. the CHEAP liquer that i was able to take advantage of upon entering said duty free. hello kahlua.
3. americans. i mean c'mon. they have flat, nasaly accents. they wear huge pyjama pants and still manage to show their panty lines and they eat amounts of food that enable you to actually hear their intestines straining.
4. magazine stands. it doesn't matter that i have a hard drive full of work, three reports to read and a presentation to prepare...the sight of a wall plastered with novembers best magazine covers pretty much lures the cash from my wallet like a pedophile in a t-ball chat room.
5. starbucks. now i have to admit that on my flight from toronto to chicago i actually had the gall to ask the stewardess where i might find a starbucks once we landed...she guffawed at me and patted me on the head saying "aww, they let this little retarded girl fly all by herself today". i realized why this reaction was warranted once i step onto illinois land and practically tripped on a latte every twenty feet from then on.

good times. i love to travel.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

What do I love about North Carolina?

....well, there are many answers that I'll get into later (mostly involving the close proximity of various american stores near my hotel) but so far it's the fact that the scale in my bathroom tells me that I'm ten pounds lighter here than I am at home.
In North Carolina I'm skinnier. I like that.