Thursday, December 01, 2005

Second base with the devil...

we've now moved on from just shaking hands with the devil and rounded the corner to second base...that's right, the devil has his hand up my shirt.
after many sleepless nights and ethical mind cramps i believe that we've almost reached a decision in the MammothBookstore Inc.* "health expert" process. after meeting yesterday with a little twat that i could easily see fitting into the Mammoth environment, i became swayed by the promise of free books and expert recognition. now i know i know, i should be able to control myself but i am an honest to god bibliophile. i'll admit it. the thought of boxes of free books coming in every month sends little excited chills up my spine.
back in the day i used to do processing for a public library system, and every friday we'd have four huge boxes full of new was pretty much christmas morning for me every friday.
....but i digress.
eh hem (that means clearing of the throat), Mammoth owns my soul. may the book gods forgive me for my sins.

*name has been changed to protect the innocent, namely me.

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