Saturday, February 25, 2006

Girlfriend kryptonite

Last night I performed one of the most gracious acts that a girlfriend can bestoy upon her dirty mind, not that...i went to the car show. Let me clarify that I was asked to attend with bf and despite my assertion that i would be a miserable, whinging mess he still insisted that i go. so whatever.

there were several things that i was unaware of: 1. the car show takes place over three hu-mung-ous venues. 2. there are men hired to dust and polish the cars on a regular schedule. 3. the sell beer nuts and caramel apples and the scent of cured meat hangs heavy in the air. delish.
i was also somewhat unaware of the severe case of carlust experienced by men. it was crazy. who needs viagra when you've got a shiny green jaguar with beige interior?

at least i got to park myself in a smart car though, that was fun.

although i did have to sit next to the weird lady with the french braid.

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