Thursday, February 02, 2006

Groundhog get's older

Today is my birthday. the last birthday before i begin to celebrate my thirties. it's okay, i'm cool with that. not like i'm counting the wrinkles or regreting missed opportunities. although i am starting to feel a few itches.
itch 1. well, i did receive some eye wrinkle cream for christmas. i'm not kidding. santa brought it and left it in my stocking. what's a girl to do?
itch 2. it may be the coinciding with OLA but i'm beginning to feel a career itch. beginning to question the direction i'm taking and the effect that my choices may have on my future career directions.
itch 3. my leg. seriously my leg is itchy, it may be because of the cold weather and the wear of my running tights.
it's funny because someone was just telling me the other night that 29 can be a seriously revolutionary age. that many strange events can be had...and i had to think back that i felt the same way at 19. at 19 i lost 25 pounds, i went on a health binge, i took up mountain biking and when i went away to university that fall i decided to leave behind the "reputation" (or lackthereof) that i had in high school.
i'm not sure what all of that means for my 29th year, but i'm ready. i'm ready to try something new and i think i have a few ideas to kick things off. it may not be quitting my job, collecting pogie and eating bon bons while watching dr.phil....but by this time next year the road should be at least a little bit more focused.