Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Don't judge me

wednesday nights have become such a joyous time for me as i get to watch two of my favorite things: fashion shows and people getting judged and mocked. it all rolls together in a wonderful orgy/cornucopia/neopolitan ice cream of goodness in america's next top model. god love tyra banks and her sassy black girl snarl.
tonight we said goodbye to lovely, country gal kari. she was a little bit playboy bunny and a little bit girl in high school that eats french fries everyday resulting in a fat ass but gives really good blow jobs so she's really popular. adorable. i thought she had some really good early-renee zellwegger qualities (ie. body fat) but clearly from this pic she is destined for an ANTM themed porno.
what a good idea....
"america's next on top model"?
yah, that one was lame....i can't come up with anything dirtier, clearly i'm tired.


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  2. Michelle, I think you should DEFINITELY take the previous commenter up on her free porn offer. Good deal!

  3. i'd say that judging by my associated post, i would most definitely like some free porn. especially if it consisted of past downtrodden ANTM contestants. ah the bottom of the barrel...smell that ladies? that's desperation in the air.
    now if you'll excuse me, i'm off to make nice with a certain pink bunny.