Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Librarians Are People Too

today i was checking the stats on my blog, just because i like to see where people of come from, who sent them to my site (kyle) and how long they stayed. you know, typical stalker behaviour. i also find it enjoyable to see the types of keywords people have used when finding my site via search engine. some of the greats so far are "knee itch" (who knows), "partying librarians" (we do like to party) and "shaughnessy bishop stall" (which i pray was not him performing an ego google search as i would most definitely qualify for a restraining order). but the most bizarre one came through yesterday..."librarian assholes".
now, what i'm hoping is that someone has a hate-on for their local library professionals and they were hoping to find a site that would allow them to rant with others about the behaviour they encountered there. similar to a better business bureau. a good idea really, someone should invent such a site. i know a few libraries out there that could benefit.
but what i FEAR from this search is that the user was then sadly disappointed not to have found some graphical representations of information professional ass-play. no judgment, but you are totally sick.
did i mention that this search came from kentucky? 'nuff said.

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