Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Bowels of the Library

Today someone shit in the library.
A first in my career and I'm hoping a last as well.
A man literally came into the library and told me that he had "lost control of my bowels" and there was liquified shit running down the inside of his pant legs and pooling on the library floor.
I sat. Stunned.
When all was said and done he probably had to stand for five minutes before I could get anyone to come in and clean up both him and the spot. I'm still shocked at how the whole thing went down. Not only at how slow help was to arrive, but also at my own ineptness in the situation. Usually when challenges present themselves I'm able to think quite quickly and work to disarm the situation...temporarily at the very least. But not this time. I mean...they don't teach this shit in library school (no pun intended).
And the image that I just can't erase from my mind is that poor man hunched over in the library, clutching my desk, the desire to disappear evident on his face.
Jesus, I think this is the first time in my life that poop isn't funny. Let's hope this is just a phase.

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