Monday, May 01, 2006

Dorothy was right all along

So there, I've proven my friend Derek's theory that every day an Oz reference is made.
Let's move on.
the bf and i have just returned from a whirlwind european tour (much tamer than the national lampoon version, although with just as many busty germans) involving alot of delicious coffee, the elusive non-meat meal and lovely bidet's. we had a great time. waking up late. soaking in the sun. riding on trains. watching euro mtv. holidays are great.
that being said, there are a few vacay aspects that i could do without. hotel beds, lame continental breakfasts and other tourists. i try my best to assimilate to the territory and god knows the bf would rather eat his own tongue (which would technically violate the vegetarian law) than admit that he is a foreigner...particularly in europe. but there are still many times when i find myself slipping into the old "speak any english!?" character.
and when all was said and done and we boarded that plane in heathrow (ah england, we hardly knew ye) i felt myself aching for some sweet home toronto. i had an order of sushi, a litre of diet coke (screw this "coca cola light shit) and a buttload of corrie to assimilate me home.

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