Monday, May 29, 2006

Overheard During the Race

Sweaty guy #1: So, where would you say that you sweat the most on your body?
Sweaty guy #2: ......
SG #1: .. i mean...of the places that you can see...
SG #2: i dunno...i guess my head?

This was almost enough to keep me laughing across the finish line. If only I hadn't been sweating so much that my head felt like exploding. Although the vision of my road warrior Mr. John Stanton afterwards was enough to propel me into fits of frenzy. Picture it, walking back into the hotel, sweaty as a MF'er, shirt soaking in water that i poured on myself at the 8km mark...and who do I see sitting fresh as a roadside daisy? Old JS himself. He gives me a little smile and nod and then he gives me a thumbs up. I was beside myself. And it was enough to keep the bf jealous all night. Good times.

I was also witness to some very suspect runner torture at the expo. Horrifying stuff. Luckily the canal was enough to keep most of us inspired through to the end.

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