Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Saskatchewan...not just a drinking game

don't misinterpret me when i say that i consider myself an atypical librarian. yes, i am known to "bun" and yes i do look over the rim of my glasses while judging people for their lack of intelligence...but all that aside i still don't consider myself one of the backroom dwelling, vintage book sniffing, technology eschewing spinsters. so i find it all too amusing when i come across other atypical professionals at conferences that are brimming with stuffiness and pretention.
tonight at the banquet of chla i was tickled to discover the devilish behavior of the table behind me (at which time i kicked myself for choosing the wrong table). it seems that during a teary-eyed, heart-felt speech introducing the winner of "Librarian of the Year" (yes there is such an award, and yes i do aspire to it one day) there were several repetitions of the word "Saskatchewan". i was clearly too engrossed in my creme brulee to notice but the library lush table decided that this was a perfect opportunity to play a wordplay drinking game, and that everytime the speaker said the secret word "Saskatchewan" they were all to take a deep swig from their glass.
i'm so pissed that i didn't think of it.
and moreso that i wasn't able to partake. but thank god that the "less shushing more lushing" mantra lives on.
lush on librarians, lush on.

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