Thursday, May 04, 2006

To sleep, ah to dream

"i lay in bed comforted by the snufflings and sudden gasps of my husband beside me. i love it when he sleeps and i don't - when he's there, so proximal and innocent, and i'm awake, thinking. i love the way he breathes in and out,and how i don't have to worry about him at all. i can just inhale his warm, solid presence. i could really enjoy "sleeping around" in the literal sense - lying beside people i like, when they're asleep. it's so calming. i could be a sleep vampire."
m. jackson "Pain".

i randomly came across this entry today and was totally amazed at how much i could relate - yet had never thought about. mind you, i'm usually the one who starts drooling before the light is turned off, but there are those occassions (where the mind is churning) that i get to experience sleep vampirism. such a lovely idea.
sort of reminds me of those moments when you have to be up really early in the city (walk of shame, going to the airport, lining up for free turkeys) when no one else is awake and it feels like you have to tip toe through the streets so as not to wake the giant city.

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