Monday, July 10, 2006

Back in the pit

nothing like the first day back from vacation to make you realize how useless you are on your first day's now 12:56 and these are the things that i have accomplished so far:
9:15 late for work - it was raining, give me a break
9:20 chatted with my co-workers about how much rain sucks
9:30 opened email and began sorting through 240 unread emails
10:45 coffee break. find out coffee is $1 this week at druxy's :)
10:47 realize they are still recruiting staff from the local 'tard bank :(
11:45 187 emails deleted. 42 responses sent. 11 read and ignored.
12:00 reviewed unread blogline posts.
12:15 reviewed online job postings
12:17 mused about my dead-end future in this profession
12:25 revived myself with some chocolate from my desk - clearly hidden from my coordinator while i was on vacay
12:35 colleagues came in for a random chat

these are the things that i hope to accomplish this afternoon:
+ eat some food - perhaps greek but i may go easy today and head to the cafeteria
+ return one phone message
+ post on my professional blog (ie. not this one)
+ look up some times for yoga classes this week (i'm back on that wagon)

keeping your goals short and sweet, it's the key to successful post-vacation reintegration.

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