Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Non-choice Librarians

I read a post from a fellow blogger the other day alerting me to a quarrel that I apparently missed on "The View", and being a big "The View" fan I immediately turned to YouTube for an update. What transpired was basically a huge scream fest (what else is new) between Star (the ugly black alien), guest Sandra Bernhard, and Elizabeth (the blonde Survivor). I was all set for a good bitch-slappin' show down when suddenly the blonde one started getting all right-wing on Sandy's ass.
When SB was asked what she thought of Laura Bush, she responded that she thought she was heavily medicated - an appropriate answer I thought...particularly in light of what the poor woman needs to go to sleep with at night (both physically and psychologically). Ol' Lizzie however thought quite differently and the two ladies ended up pig-tying each other on the floor while debating...of all things...abortion.

Now, ladies let's take a step back here. It's 2006. Yes, it's unfortunate that the two major North American powers are currently fuckwits with plastercast wives...BUT HAVE WE REALLY RETURNED TO THIS DISCUSSION? god help us.

And this is where I start to get into some hot water (or hotter water i suppose), my librarian oath (shut up) has basically bound me to the concepts of open-source, access to information and free speech. Which really sucks when I want someone to shut the fuck up. Because I really want people like Lizbet to shut the fuck up.
But that's actually way harsh. What I really want is for all us sista's to get together and to agree that what we do with our poonanees (sp?) is our own business. In the infamous words of my girls "Salt n' Pepa" "If she wanna be a freak and sell it on the weekend, it's none of your business".
Tell it ladies.
Tell it.

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