Thursday, August 17, 2006

i'm a pod person

i am now a proud pod owner.
and it's pretty much the most adorable thing i've ever held in my hands.
last night i took him out for a spin on my hill training run - after he was pre-loaded with a barrage of tunes over which i had not control. a frightening concept indeed (particularly for a control freak) and i was convinced that i was going to hate the randomness of it all...and then a magical event occured.

we started off with a little elton john, a good warm-up track that left my vocal cords feeling a little strained (don't worry, i was still in my house at this point).
then as the pace was picking up he switched over to an electronic version of a sarah mclachlan tune - i had no idea it was even in my collection.
and as i strained to make it up my third hill of the night, without judgment he kicked it into some old-school kylie minogue. her little green fairy voice was just what i needed to haul ass.
on my cooldown run back home we sailed through some dave matthews, alicia keys and finished off with some george michael. because yes, you do gotta have faith.

so i'm pretty much in love with my ipod. without any hesitation he gives me what i need and anticipates what i'm going to like.
granted, he's still learning. i did need to skip over some poorly timed bach...we all make mistakes.

Facing the music: an old school runner plugs in and changes her tune - Runner's World

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A History of Lies

throughout my long life of tall tales i have told some doozies to get me out of those tight and not-so-tight situations.
when i was in grade three i would fake blind spells and tell the teacher that i couldn't go out for recess (foreshadowing - she ended up making me work in the library).
in grade five i told kristen franchetto that i couldn't play outside with her because my leg was broken and in a cast - disregarding the fact that i'd see her at school the next morning (seems there's a trend here of me lying to avoid the out of doors, but that's another story).
in grade six i completely fabricated a two-month relationship with a boy in grade eight - even going so far as to write notes to me in his handwriting and putting gifts in my desk - all so that i wouldn't be the only girl without a boyfriend.

i suppose the reason i fall back on "lies" is because they keep working. my childhood acting career served me too well. my grade three teacher gave in to my blindness, kristin franchetto fell for my 24hr cast and my friends still believe my secret boyfriend story.

but today i was caught in a lie.
last year an annoying ex-bf was emailing me and pissing me off, so to get rid of him i told him i was getting married. marriage was like krytonite to him so i knew it would work - and it did. but today i ran into him on the street and the first words out of his mouth were "oh, where's your ring??".
CHRIST, i thought guys didn't look at that kind of thing! fucking hell.
so i had to say "oh...right...i made that up to get rid of you". he took it well.
clearly i'm driving the bus to hell, but that's not news to anyone.

Lies, Lies, Lies: the psychology of deceit
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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Pulling up my compression socks

so i've been in somewhat of a rut lately, can you tell? i've let my blogging go and have been seeking some inspiration and direction as of many areas of my life.
it could be that approaching the fourth decade of my existence has caused me to pause and take stock of my life... or it could be that i'm a lazy fuck... or it could be both.
i'm sure there are more FDOME (Fourth Decade Of My Existence) posts to come (because I like to bemoan the fact that I am the first of most of my friends to turn 30) and also because let's face it, I enjoy letting my ego run wild.
but i've decided to add a new feature to the LITC blog - that being references. it's a miracle that it took me this long to think of it, but really it allows me to add some structure to my ego pandering. this way, i'm allowed to say whatever the hell i want about my life but at the end i qualify it with some evidence-based literature if you will.
of course, all of this is assuming that someone will care (outside of my three friends) but i do take pleasure in my regular visitors from Kentucky and Iran. to you i say, read on my friends.

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