Thursday, August 17, 2006

i'm a pod person

i am now a proud pod owner.
and it's pretty much the most adorable thing i've ever held in my hands.
last night i took him out for a spin on my hill training run - after he was pre-loaded with a barrage of tunes over which i had not control. a frightening concept indeed (particularly for a control freak) and i was convinced that i was going to hate the randomness of it all...and then a magical event occured.

we started off with a little elton john, a good warm-up track that left my vocal cords feeling a little strained (don't worry, i was still in my house at this point).
then as the pace was picking up he switched over to an electronic version of a sarah mclachlan tune - i had no idea it was even in my collection.
and as i strained to make it up my third hill of the night, without judgment he kicked it into some old-school kylie minogue. her little green fairy voice was just what i needed to haul ass.
on my cooldown run back home we sailed through some dave matthews, alicia keys and finished off with some george michael. because yes, you do gotta have faith.

so i'm pretty much in love with my ipod. without any hesitation he gives me what i need and anticipates what i'm going to like.
granted, he's still learning. i did need to skip over some poorly timed bach...we all make mistakes.

Facing the music: an old school runner plugs in and changes her tune - Runner's World

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