Monday, September 04, 2006

welcome to my library. shhhh!

so as i was strolling through the blogosphere the other day (shut up - it's a word) i made my way through the usual suspects of blogs written by my friends and was both amazed and insanely jealous of the new widget that my friend over at MIMB had installed. it's a cool little widget that has started offering to those that keep their book collections within their space.

now i never really understood the idea of transferring my collection over from my current Access database (c'mon, you knew i had to have one) to a public website such as this. hard to imagine i know, given my rampant narcissistic nature. but i've always considered the titles held within my bookcases to potentially allow visitors a very private and sickiningly intimate vantage point of my inner psyche.
believe it or not i am slightly reticent of offering up such information freely. perhaps it has to do with the fact that as a reader you cannot tell the arrangement of these titles within my physical space. i cannot indicate what is a bedtime read and what sits on my reference shelf. it's just all there - scattered blindly.
or perhaps it is the fact that inside i am only too aware of the fact that my reading preferences serve to confirm that i have far too many personalities floating around in my dizzy head. that i have intellectual ADD. that entering a bookstore (particularly of the second hand variety) renders me as incapacitated as a fat kid in a candy paris hilton in a hall of john mark karr at a beauty pagent (okay that's far enough, you get the picture). i am delirious and cannot be held responsible for my actions and purchases.
so welcome one and all to my library.
no eating or drinking allowed.


  1. Ah yes, my dear. But my question to you is, as always, how many of these wonderfully catalogued books have you in fact read? Hmmmm, interesting.

  2. i'm getting much better at that in fact! it's getting all the way to the *end* that is sometimes tricky.