Tuesday, October 31, 2006

It's a fish eat fish world

Every morning I have a standard routine when I arrive to my office: drop off coat, go downstairs, fill up water bottle, look at fish in aquarium and finally...get down to work.
This morning however, during my goodmorning glance at the fish I couldn't help but notice how all of them gathered to look at me when I was peering into their house of glass. Could it be that they're trying to say hello, I thought? Or are they so hungry that any human presence sends them into a starvation induced frenzy?
So I began to watch one of them.
He swam rapidly to and fro and then quickly dived down to the bottom floor of the aquarium for a nibble on the fish carcus that was bobbing there. Or I should say half fish carcus, as the majority of his wee fish face and neck was already gone. It was really just a fish torso.My workplace has officially become a haven of savages and cannibals.

And no, this wasn't a halloween prank....I asked ;)

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