Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Debbie Does Libraries

this story was posted in Wired Magazine (my new mag de jour) discussing the issue of accessing internet based porn in public libraries.

somewhat interesting story but certainly not a new issue. just another case of fucking dumb people doing fucking dumb things and blaming it on public institutions that work their balls of to serve their idiot clients.
apologies to the faint of heart...i've had a day chock full of the fucking dumb.
i was all set to embark upon a rant about how society is ill prepared to ensure that kids can read or that men stop hitting women or that mcdonald's clean up their patties of shit but if a goddamn boobie is flashed in public?

CALL THE NATIONAL FUCKING GUARD! We've got a loose one here boys!

now if we could only get britney to cover up her cooch.

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