Saturday, December 30, 2006

Miscellaneous Christmas Memories

Other memories not be forgotten:

*Running into Rachel Bilson purchasing gifts in Indigo - I took a picture...but it was of her back.

*Creating the most elaborate gingerbread house this side of Connecticut.
* A Christmas morning full of illegal designer imitations.
* Jude expressing his hatred of my Dora books - apparently someone has told him they're only for girls...and he believes them.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Have yourself a whirlwind December

So clearly December has been a month of insanity, as it's been nearly 22 days since my last post.
To recap:
* I attended 3 useless office parties and 1 maddening dinner party
* Went to my first shiva
* Bought two pairs of dressy boots
* Watched 17 hours of the "Dog Whisperer"
* and drank approximately 1 litre of dark rum & eggnog.

My attitude this holiday season was best summed in the moment on Christmas Eve when I screamed "It's a fucking red light!" to a jaywalking Chinese man. I apologize to the baby jesus.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Blue Suede Christmas

This past weekend I had the fortune of riding the College St. streetcar for approximately 30 mins of pure stop & start joy. I say joy only because I was smart enough to remember to bring my ipod, thus shielding me from the old lady/holiday shopper/foul mouthed teenager that tried to destroy my happy travel time. Not only was I smart enough to remember the ipod, but also to fill said pod with the most wonderful sound to my human ear....CHRISTMAS MUSIC!
I freakin' love christmas music and have been known to start spinning the old Kenny & Dolly classic as early as November 3rd. This ride however, was made more pleasurable not by the erotic country duo but by the blue suede man himself. Yes, Elvis.
Now unlike others, I have not always been sold on the talents of Mr. Pelvis. My mother didn't swoon for him (Paul McC was another story) and his music was not a part of my childhood. I found his attempts at acting to be sorely lacking (as compared to John Travolta) and therefore never really gave him a second look.
HOWEVER all of that changed during the course of my streetcar ride when the pod shuffled over to the track "Blue Christmas". Have you ever heard this number? It's the closest thing to aural sex that I've experienced on the TTC. I can't exactly explain the chemical reaction that occurred in my body or the reasons why my brain tuned into this succession of melodic tones...all I know is that I was transfixed.
And Elvis was the sexiest thing on the train. Not that it was a hard competition.