Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Boyfriend of the Month

Just a quick shout out to my BF, who this month was voted "Studman of the Month" by his employer at large. Ok, I made that up. In all actuality I believe it was "Employee of the Month". There were actually some very, very sweet things said about him by his clients which made me very, very proud to kiss his wee face.
I believe it was something along these lines "Whenever we hear that BF is assigned to our job we know that we will receive the highest quality of work. We always feel safe in the BFs hands."
Which reminds me...these clients better not be chicks. Because if so, they're totally dead.

I wanted to photoshop together some kind of Employee of the Month plaque with the BFs face superimposed...but I knew that if I did I'd be strung up by my toenails. No fun that.

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