Monday, January 15, 2007

Chestcold Revisited

Since the Wednesday past I have been experiencing a closing up of the throat. I assumed it was something to do with the stressful meeting I had that day (more on that to come) but as it carried through the next few days I braced myself with high-potency vitamins and hallucinogenic cold medications. On Saturday afternoon I collapsed on the couch and have yet to rise. Yesterday was the climax of it all - I hope. When I woke up in the morning I had that instant feeling that a bowling ball had taken up residency on the top of my skill. Accompanying the bowling ball was a chest full of mucus and a runny faucet of a nose. Gorgeous, I was not. I immediately gathered up all my pillows, book, phone, cup of tea, Kleenex and huge duvet and made camp on the living room sofa. It was grade five all over again.
For as long as I can remember I had my sick day mainstays.
In no particular order they are as follows:
1. Immediately flee the bedroom. Unless there is puking involved I will always want to stay out of my bedroom - god knows why, but it feels better to hack up a lung in the living room.
2. Lipton's Chicken noodle soup. My dad used to make me this soup and he would leave it simmering so long on the stove that the noodles would take over and it would be a cup of engorged pasta with a tiny bit of broth. I loved it then, love it now.
3. Drugs. I've always felt that over medicating was the best way to deal with a cold. My current favorite is to switch it up between Nyquil cold medication and Neo-Citran. The moment I take that shot glass of cherry flavoured liquid I can feel all the molecules in my body slowing down a bit. It puts a haze over my eyes and makes everything in the room a little bit softer. In my opinion it's the only real way to get over a cold and it's as close to a heroin high that I'll probably ever get.

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