Sunday, January 28, 2007

Extreme Home Search 2007

It seems that the time has come once again to pick up sticks and move to a new apartment. In my five years in Toronto I have now moved three times, each time a better apartment than the last. In 2005 my friend Todie and I moved into this swank, gorgeous building in the heart of boystown. It's lovely. Unfortunately it's now been sold to a lovely lesbian couple whom I can only hope will immediately tear out the hideous carpet and replace all of the old hardware. So now we're striking out on our own and looking for new pads somewhere in the downtown vicinity.

I like to think that I have low standards, but frankly living in this building makes it hard to revert to the old way of life. My new list includes:
* must have two sinks in the kitchen
* WINDOWS are a must, the larger the better
* functioning bathtub
* access to free laundry facilities (not necessarily in the unit)
* must not smell like any of the following: dead mice, mothballs, curry, dirty bed, cigarettes or any form of animal or human secretions.

While I have only seen two units so far, I am hopeful that this years move will be a successful one. Fingers crossed.

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