Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It's the most wonderful time of the year

When I was young (ages 5-14) there was one particular time of the year that I looked forward to like no other. I would dream about the day that I would wake up, go to school and there in the library would be the SCHOLASTIC BOOK SALE! It was always an important time for me not only because I got to be in the presence of so many new books (they were like heroin to me) but also because the book sale was held in my school library - of which I was the official student librarian (natch). Very early in my life I realized that I was not built for the terrifying shenanigans that went on during elementary school recesses.
Red rover? Hop scotch? Jumping from moving swing sets? Haven't these children heard of risk assessment?
And so it came to be that I spent all my spare time buried in the library. Soon after that our school librarian picked up sticks and my bumbling, adorable grade 4 teacher (Mr. V) was forced to take over. He knew nothing about libraries and hence it fell upon me to ensure that the library remained in tip top shape. I did the inventory, the shelf reading, circulation and overdue notices. I was ten.
Now that I am twenty nine (for two more days at least!) I have a new favorite time of year. And it starts tonight. The Ontario Library Association Superconference now fulfills my heroin-esque addiction. I get the free books, I don't have to go outside and there is no rough-housing...although sometime the open bar socials can get a bit rowdy.
Four hours and counting...I'm nearly peeing my pants in excitement.

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