Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thank God I'm Old

An old friend of mine from high school (my very first crush if you must know) emailed me today about a potential wedding that I'm hoping he'll DJ in the fall. Within the message that he sent he gave me some updates on the gigs he'd had recently and also included a link to his "MySpace" account.

Now, I'm aware that being a professional in the world of information should make me familiar with the now infamous "MySpace" but the truth is that I went there once approximately one year ago and immediately decided that the site was hideous and I never wanted to visit it again. But being the curious git that I am, I had to check out my old friend's space. And I have to admit that it was okay. I got to see his new kid, here some of the music that he was hosting and read some comments from people that I don't know.

Upon further inspection I realized that from his page I could then link over to other graduates from our high school. Assuming that I'd find other 30somethings I jumped into the rabbit hole. Alas, the site was full of the unfortunate 19-25 year old crowd stuck in my unloved hometown.

While perusing their tawdry pictures and alcohol induced opening lines, I came to two conclusions:
1. The youth of Grimsby are all useless twats without a coherant bone fragment in their bodies.
2. I am old as fuck - and proud of it.

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