Friday, February 16, 2007

Apartment Hunt Continues

I came across this amazing post on Craigslist today, I'd link to it but I'm sure it'll be removed any second now.

2 Bedroom Annex Location. Ground floor of 3 level heritage building. Hardwood through-out. All inclusive, heat and hydro. Must love loud music and all night partying.

Upper suite rented by two sleazy, bleach-blond exotic dancers and lower suite rented by aspiring death-core and called 'Rotted Remnants'. Super heavy riffs and double kick drums.

Some minor wall damage from previous tenants and the toilet backs up from time-to-time but you wont even notice because the tiles in the washroom are new.

There is a strange smell in the kitchen as a preivious tenants cat climbed into the wall and died. No worries though, the thick reefer smell from the Jamaican neighbours will mask it.

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