Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Clean Gene

when i was a little girl there was one event that always struck a note of terror in my mother - a visit from my grandmother. she was my father's mother and is the redheaded germanic influence in my genetic makeup.
she was notorious for the following reasons:
  • she never took her shoes off in the house - insisting that they were clean
  • she had a terrible habit of sniffing, as if her nose was always running
  • she was the master of all things passive aggressive - stress on the aggressive
  • upon arrival, she would immediately begin cleaning everything in sight - a clear judgment on my mother's housewifing skills.

and now, as i get long in the tooth i see that old germanic influence seeping it's way into my daily life. and lately its been getting worse. the kitchen sink, the shower, my sock drawer, my books...they've all been recently exposed to bleaching, scrubbing, tossing and weeding.

my new office is the latest victim. luckily, being the new girl has given me the ability to weed with a critical eye. this week i've been in the process of cleaning out the four bookcases and huge file drawers that have been crammed with all things library for the last fifteen years.

one day i may regret throwing out that office supplies receipt from 1992, but today i dropped it like it was hot.

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