Thursday, February 15, 2007

The lion, the witch and the wardrobe

Even though I have only been at my new job for four days now I'm already noticing many differences in the work environment.

Little things, like the fact that it's already noon and I've only received one email (I'm sure that will soon change). Or that I spent two hours chatting with my boss this morning and not once did she disrupt our discussion to answer an email, clean her office or make a phone call.

I absolutely love that fresh coffee is constantly brewing in the building - not only is the aroma keeping me alert but I'm also saving a ton of cash. And for the first time in five years I have actual library stacks to wander through!

I have to say though that one of the most noticeable changes for me is the wardrobe. At least four people in the building today are wearing jeans. Yesterday one of the guys here spent all day wearing a toque. Don't get me wrong though, the building definitely has its fashionista's and an artsy kind of style. So I feel myself needing to funk it up a little bit more. More of that "funky librarian" as opposed to "all-business-all-the-time manager".
It's gonna take me some time to ease into that one.

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