Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Moving On Up?

So approximately two months ago a fabulous job was posted on my local university alum site that looked like it was written specifically for me. Like how Hitchcock would write for Tippie or Halston would design for Diana - this organization was clearly trying to lure me. It was a long shot (much like comparing myself with Tippie and Diana) but I went for it anyway. I figured that I was turning 30, I was reaching my five year mark with my current employer and that it was kind of a now or never situation. The kind of moment where the music would swell in the movie and the next scene would be me strutting down the street with all my office possessions in a box (Very 9-5).
I digress.

My very talented new friend Richard helped me to rewrite my resume and then snazzed it up to look like a piece of artwork - I now owe him my soul. Here's a little sample of how pretty the header font was. So pretty, so simple, so lovely, so mac.

And so it was that I applied for this job. I went for a panel interview. I went in for a follow-up chat. And I was offered the position. All within approximately a three week period. I was gobsmacked and clearly accepted the offer.
Since that time it's been a bit of a downward spiral trying to wrap-up all of my projects, let all of my colleagues know of my departure and clean up my state of an office. This is no easy task given that my office houses approximately 10 pairs of shoes; a pharmacy full of drugs and vitamins; a cosmetics counter of moisturizers, glosses, brushes and deodorant; enough snack food to survive a nuclear fallout and books, books and more books. Clearly I'll be renting truck this weekend to pack it all in.
At this point I have approximately 22 hours of work left in this building. There are still 7 large tasks on my to-do list and I have 11 gigs of data to transfer over.
By this time next week, it'll all be worth it :)

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