Thursday, February 01, 2007

OLA Superconference 2007 Day One

An excellent first day at OLA - jam packed from start to finish.
I went to the following sessions:

*some pretty cool examples of new tools being built with the google maps api - including mashing with Flickr to add geographic tags to photo's.
*another cool site that mapped out addresses of places mentioned in books. the example cited was manhattan, it was pretty amazing to see the number of flagpoints.
*for the first time ever i heard about the Grey Album created by DJ Danger Mouse. sounds fantastic and i'm embarrased to be learning about it two years later.

I've looked at life from both sides now:
*dumb name - good presentation
*three sub-twenties led the panel discussing the youngsters view of MySpace, Facebook and some other site.
*the room was packed and the panel looked like it was pretty entertaining
*totally cool idea on OLAs part to include the very audience that we're always trying to figure out
*also thought it was pretty cool that Stephen Abrams son was on the panel - how advantageous to have Super Librarian as your dad.

Plenary: Future of Search
*overall i liked this presentation by Tomi from Yahoo, i thought he had alot of fun toys to show and a few good quotes to prove his points
*HOWEVER i start to feel a bit defensive when the speaker fails to realize how many librarians are already using the toys that he's pitching
ie. "How many of you use delicious for your bookmarks? .... really?.....THAT many? guys are great!"
*well, yah. duh.

Digital Collection Management
*fantastic presentation, i was only planning to stay for half but ended up staying and asking questions (that almost never happens)
*shocking to discover the resources that were put into a national image archiving project and then completely dismantled and abandoned three months ago. good work ottawa.
*some really cool projects happening at MUN (which is now apparently just MU, they dropped the N) and at Simon Fraser that make me excited to be embarking upon this whole digital journey.

Most of the day consisted of running into many old friends and colleagues that I only get to see once a year, along with dodging others that I dread seeing once a year. Thankfully the former outweigh the latter. I found myself in the very surreal experience of drinking with my former associate dean at the faculty reunion event. Before this day the most I had ever spoken with this woman was at my exit interview right before graduation. Very, very strange situation. But at least I got a free cosmo and a few chicken wings out of the deal - pure class.

Let's hope that the haze of gin martini's and hardcover books continues into tomorrow...

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