Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Procrastination Central

Last night I created a Facebook account. I know what you're thinking - shocking that it's taken me this long given that i'm such a social networking slut. I know, and I have no excuses - other than the fact that I assumed it was a place for students and thus considered myself disqualified.
So last night I signed up at 7:30.
At 7:45 Erin posted a message to my "wall" and welcomed me to Procrastination Central.
At 10:30 I realized what she meant.
Amazing how much of a time-suckage that thing can be. And how gratifiying it is for someone that is completely useless at keeping or making friends in real life to be able to just click a button and *bing* a visual confirmation that I do indeed have peeps in the world.

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