Monday, March 19, 2007

10 Reasons Why I Hate Your Boyfriend

**I've edited this post because my bf says that it's unfair for me to hate someone else's bf just because of their culture/race/facial disfigurement and/or body odour. I had to agree somewhat.
With that in mind, here's the revamp.

A series of events both reality and tv-based (particularly after tonight's episode of The Hills) have led to this list of reasons why I'm hating a number of boyfriends right now.

10. he makes sexual propositions to others...and you're in the same room.
9. he makes you cry and worse he makes you feel bad for it.
8. he won't talk about your future.
7. he makes you feel bad for hanging your with your friends.
6. he threatens to punch your face or beat you up in public.
5. he's apologetic and overly-affectionate after threatening to punch your face or beat you up in public.
4. he hits on girls.
3. he hits on boys.
2. he made fun of your pimple.
1. in short...he's an asshole

I would only say this if I loved you, so in the words of Savage Love:

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