Thursday, March 08, 2007

One giant leap back for the ladies

I was all set today to write a bit in recognition of International Women's Day. Every year when this day comes around I hang up a poster and hand out some buttons, but this year it got me to thinking about the women that have had the most impact on my life. So I was going to write something about each of them, acknowledging the impact that they've had on me.

But then I was blindsided by this story. Four Mississauga Teens charged in videotaped sex attack. I get nauseous everytime I think about it. I can't even imagine how the 16 year old girl is doing at this point. Usually Intl Women's Day is a time to discuss rape in South Africa and the lack of equality in lands far, far away; but clearly this headline reveals the fact that there is still alot to be done here on home turf. To be sixteen and have a videotape of you naked and being raped available for everyone in your school to see...nothing could be worse.

There was quite a debate being had among the Cawthra students on their Facebook accounts, and several of them cast doubt if it was the appropriate place to have such a discussion. For all of those girls out there in Cawthra and beyond, I say DON'T ever stop talking about this. Talk about it at school, talk about it on your Facebook, talk about it to everyone that will listen and don't EVER stop pointing out the fact that these fucking guys deserve to be locked up for a LONG time. Because if women don't START and KEEP sticking up for themselves then these situations will become all too prevalent; and men will never learn that this behaviour should never, ever happen or be quieted and swept under the rug.

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