Monday, April 23, 2007

The Hills : The Fiasco

So picture it, two weeks ago today I was watching The Hills + after show (as I do) when alls of a sudden Jesse (the redhead host) asks me if I wanna come and be part of the Hills Season Finale and after show...hell ya! I screamed and immediately flew off an email.
Fast forward fifteen minutes when I receive a happy little notice telling me to show up at the Masonic Temple on April 23rd. Again I scream.
Fast forward 48 hours later when all of my friends punk out on me because they're all too cool for skool and refuse to be a part of any Masonic activities. I want to scream.
Fast forward another 24 hours when my new best friend Steven agrees to come with me even though he had not seen an episode (sidebar: he's now a happy addict).
Fast forward to today. Steven and I skipped out of work at 4:45 to run over to the studio and get in line. At the moment that we were exactly halfway there God decided to open the heavens and test our love. The rain was literally coming down in sheets. I felt like I was in Thailand. Unfazed, we travelled the underground as far as we could and when we surfaced again the downpour was no longer coming at us sideways. We pressed on to MTV headquarters. It was when we started to get in the company of leg-warmers and miniature sized hoodies that I knew we were close.
When we finally got there. IT. WAS. MAYHEM.
Broken umbrellas. Screaming teenagers. Burly bouncers.
We didn't get in. We had neither the tickets nor the VIP status.
It's okay Lauren, I still love you.
And at least now I can watch the finale with a glass of wine and a pack of twizzlers.
Yep, classy all the way.

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