Thursday, April 05, 2007

The One With The Bris

While packing up my belongings over the last few weeks I came across a photo that had been left by the previous tenants. The seemingly innocuous photo was found lying underneath the refrigerator and it took awhile before any of us could figure out what was happening.

Alas, the picture captured a scene moments before a bloody, bloody disfigurement took place.

I've taken the liberty of scanning the photo and circling said scene with a bold red circle here for my fellow gentiles in the crowd.

Aside from the little bundle of baby and the middle aged man holding its penis there are several things that I find fascinating in this picture. The fabulous curls on the man to the right, the clearly distraught woman in the trench coat and the plates on the lower right giving evidence to the fact that the picture taker is in fact standing within equal distance of the soon-to-be-severed penis and the infamous Bris Buffet.

Above all, I absolutely love the man in the upper left corner. Rubbing his temple, eyes closed, distraught look on his face...I feel for this man and would like to think that he is also a gentile witness to this ritual. It may be that it is the actual custom for all those in the room to look away while that little piece of pink flesh is being sliced off in the middle of the living room - but I prefer to think that while massaging his head he is questioning just how he got talked into coming to this event...and then he remembers...the latkes. Ohhh the delicious latkes, they'll get you through anything. Even a bris.

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