Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bloglines, you so funny.

If only all downtimes could be so creatively disruptive.

Happy Birthday to My Little Man

Four years ago today my special little Molly was born on a cold, savage, uncaring farm.
Today he'll spend his birthday lounging on oversized pillows, drinking fresh water and eating sardines. Bless his little pink feet.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pear flavoured cocktail for a Pear shaped lady

I was recently turned onto the new pear flavoured Absolut voddy by those hilarious gays over at the Daily Purge. Last week when I realized that I'd be watching the Top Model finale all by my lonesome with only a bottle of extra-stength Advil and mushroom pizza to keep me company, I ran right out (ok, I hobbled) and picked me up a bottle.

I initially followed the advice of a voddy / 7-up mix but that proved to be too sweet pour moi, so I was glad to hear that the Absolut site has some delish recipes to use with the new pear potion. Clearly I'll be strapping on my apron for a few of these. I'll let you know how the experiments go.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Isabella Blow: 1958-2007

I've clearly been behind on my news from across the pond as the recent demise of poor Isabella Blow came as a shock to me today. Poor lamb apparently succumbed to both cancer and depression...interesting co-morbidities...I won't judge. And apparently some pretty goddamn amazing people came to her wake, looking all gorgeous and shit. I'm sure she would have been pleased.

Amazing, brilliant, shit-house-rat-crazy Bella was always fabulous, whether for a FashionTV soundbite or a Vogue editorial spread.

May she have an endless closet of crazy ass hats waiting for her beyond the pearly gates.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I Hate Children

The Librarian in Black alerted me to these fabulous shirts that had me waiting for pay day. Not only are the designs gorgeous but the sheer snarkiness of it all is amazing and all too relevant.

Damn, what's the next gift giving holiday?

London Last Calling!

I was very excited last year when I was asked permission to use some of my UK photos in a new online initiative to help make navigating London easier (London pubs in particular). The site was just recently launched and is actually pretty cool. Most of my photos were used to identify tube stations - apparently I have a fascination with documenting all things tube-related.

The Last Rounds Project has in interactive tube map, a listing of public toilets!, and a pretty snazzy pub & bar search. If you're lucky enough to be London bound you should check it out.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Simons Pulls Through: Bag of the Month

Among all the work that was done in Montreal over the weekend I was able to find a chunk of time to devote to my favorite place of worship - Simons. One of my most prized purchases of many is my new globe shopper bag, shockingly similar to last season's Marc Jacobs gem. Ssshhh, no one need know.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

iWant, iNeed iPhone

Since January the world of librarians (and beyond) has been abuzz about the impending release of the iPhone. And what's not to be abuzz about? The thing is stinking gorgeous. No ifs ands or buts about it.
My friend Richard was telling me the other day about all the special things that Apple will do for those early adopters of this technology - free upgrades, downloads, support etc. He also informed me that the cost will be close to what I paid for my entire laptop. All of this of course is pure speculation at this point however since Rogers has not, nay will not confirm anything.

I care not. I must have it.

On Sunday I wandered into the Rogers store and asked the "expert" Eaton's Centre employee what he knew about the release date and price. He was instantly turned off by my technolust. "Oh, you don't want to buy that!" he said in a 'now be on your way little girl' kind of way.
"The reception is terrible, there's way too much hype and the first generation will always suck."
You know what I think sucks? Dumb Rogers employees.

But certainly not the iPhone. Just look at it. So shiny. So stylized. So many colours.
Puurrrrrr. Purrrrrr.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Ready to Run

On Sunday I ran the Sporting Life 10km with my peeps. I was more than a little unsure about how well I would do due to the fact that I've had to take the past 7 weeks off. But I was reassured by the fact that ambulances would be on stand-by and I could pretty much just lie down and roll all the way down Yonge Street if need be.

Turned out that by some miracle I beat last years time by 0:01:04, more than justifying the huge brunch afterwards :)

Pride Hits the Streets

This past Saturday we blitzed the city with the gorgeous new posters for this years Pride Run. Take a look, oh yah and SIGN UP!

The Hollywood Librarian: "I don't just shelve books"

I've been on a bit of a hiatus lately due to an absurdly busy work/social/running schedule. But when I heard this news via Stephen Abram this morning I knew that I had to help announce it to the world.

The premiere of "The Hollywood Librarian: A Look at Librarians Through Film" will take place in Washington, D.C. on Friday, June 22nd during the ALA Conference.

This documentary looks fantastic and clearly I'll be stalking its Canadian release, I only hope that they include the March of the Librarians somewhere in the outtakes.